Top 7 Website Development Trends That Will Rule 2022

Keeping an eye on the latest and most popular website development trends is very important for businesses to stay ahead of the competition in this digital era. In this blog, you will be reading about the current website development trends that will certainly use organizations and large enterprises to enhance their business value.

The world of website development is changing very fast, and it has made businesses quite problematic to cope with the fast-growing market. This is why it becomes crucial to keep pace with the trends and develop the strategies in such a manner to help businesses grow and sustain for the long run.

If you want to keep up of the competition with a powerful web product, you need to hire a website development company in the USA for example that provides the best services per the business needs.

List of The Website Development Trends-


The use of dark mode has gained much popularity in the market as it will soar higher visual designing patterns. As per the survey conducted by Android Authority, 82% of the respondents accept that they like to use the dark mode on their phone, and 9% said that they like to switch between dark and light modes. Furthermore, another report shows that 95% of the users prefer using dark mode over light mode.

There are various benefits of using the dark mode- it brings about less battery consumption, has higher opacity than the white model, reduces the eye strain, and minimizes the blue light.


The growth of digital marketing in the current pandemic has made AI-enabled chatbots popular among all businesses. With time, chatbots have become much more humane, independent, intelligent, and secure, along with the use of Natural Language Processing, Machine learning, and deep learning. Apart from this, it helps handle complex processes, and it is very prompt to give answers. Facebook Engine, DialougeFlow and Microsoft Bot framework are open-source platforms that help to build chatbots.

There are various benefits of using chatbots. They are- provide 24×7 support, can be personalized as per the need of the business, and has increased customer engagement.


The single page application is one of the most popular development technologies ruling the market recently. Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and GitHub are some of the single-page applications these days. Unlike the other traditional website apps, the SPAs generally have single page presentation that loads the total website page at one time. Then the dynamic content is loaded alongside the page. Applications like AJAX and HTML5 help to make these applications responsive. Besides, the clients use JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Ember and Vue to handle the client-side of development for these single-page apps.

There are various benefits of using these single-page applications. They are fast loading speed, low bounce rate, easy debugging issues, offline support and assistance, and easy to navigate.

Several studies have shown that single-page applications will help increase the conversion rate to about 36% that help businesses to reach their targeted audience with the required content.


Performance is one of the most common issues that most businesses face while developing web apps. WebAssembly helps to resolve such issues that are caused by heavy JavaScript calculation. However, this powerful technology is not designed for swapping JavaScript; it is not even human-readable. Instead, the binary code format compiles the code in the bytecode that runs in any browser efficiently. Therefore, this technology is used to execute the code written in any language for fast performance.


The open ledger technology generally offers a secured online transaction reducing the middlemen in the process. It also eliminates the lengthy documentation process from the network and provides faster transactions and trading by automating a further manual process. For this, several banks and reputed organizations are opting for blockchain technology.
There are various benefits of choosing blockchain technology. Some are reduced financial business cost, secured payment transactions, improved level of transparency, simple integration level, etc.

Google Doc is one of the best examples of how blockchain technology generally works. It offers high-end transparency by allowing the network participants to share the same document instead of making individual copies.


The micro front-end is one of the best architectures that helps in creating feature-rich website applications. It also separates the front-end codebase into different smaller independent code components depending upon the functionality. All the components now get combined to bring out the best user experience.

The benefits of using this development trend are that it is very easy to maintain, scalable in nature, has faster development and deployment, and improved productivity. It is one of the best approaches for integrating other architecture options like JamStack, single-page applications, client-side rendering and server-side. Businesses who are concerned about scalability can prefer this architecture for their products.


Motion UI is the Saas library that helps create transitions and CSS animations that further helps in enhancing user experience with its intuitive and attractive designs. In addition, it has a library with built-in transitions and customized animation options that help developers build an engaging user experience.
Some of the benefits of using Motion UI are that it has great user retention power, reduces the overall development time, has interactive data visualization, and drives the attention of the users.

These major web development trends will come into the market in 2022 and beyond. Developers are working on them to create strategies based on these trends to help businesses get more online viewers and convert them to potential leads. Choose a website development company that follows the latest trends to develop the website or apps.

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