How to use WordPress for website design

The website of a company is an important communication channel between potential customers of a certain product or service and the company itself. That is why the design of web pages must be attractive, be suitable for the eyes on computers and cell phones, in addition to having verifiable content that contributes something to potential clients.

What is WordPress?

It is a content management system, developed in PHP language and free software, which was launched on May 27, 2003. It is, therefore, a tool for creating web content, such as: blogs, digital newspapers , online stores, business websites, among others.

How to use WordPress for website design?

To use WordPress, it is helpful to have a small guide that tells us which step goes first.

Web domain. This process is different for each company, since it depends directly on the project: blog, online store, news site, etc. For this reason, certain considerations must be taken into account, such as:

  • Choose a name that is attractive, easy to write and remember.
  • The name you choose should represent your business and, where possible, contain the main keyword for the topic.
  • Leave the name clean: avoid using hyphens.
  • Pay attention to the domain extension. The most popular are .net and .com.

Hosting. When a web page is created, a hosting service must be hired, that is, an information and file hosting service. It is in the hosting where WordPress will be installed to be able to edit the website.

Installation of WordPress on the hosting service. Most of the hosting services have auxiliary tools for installing WordPress. Depending on the needs and objectives of your company for the website, the WordPress download can be manual and automatic. It is advisable to consult an expert on this point.

Adjustment of basic WordPress functions. To make adjustments to the basic functions of WordPress, it is necessary to enter your domain. There, a page will appear requesting the username and password. By entering this data, you will be able to enter your panel in WordPress, where you will find the options to start creating content. However, it is important to make the adjustments first.

Title and description. The title and description may contain keywords related to the theme of your website, in order for the positioning in Google to happen in a more natural way. In this section you can also update the email to which the updates, interactions, forms, etc. will arrive.

URL’s. In “permanent links” it will be defined how the URLs will be created automatically when you create content. Once there, select the option “entry name”. With this, the publications will take the title of the publication to create the URL, which is ideal for the SEO positioning of your website because the URLs will have the keywords of the title.

Choosing a topic. By installing a template or theme for WordPress. With this it will be easier to give functionality and structure to the site: change of colors, menus, areas for content, and so on. To know that you are choosing the ideal theme, you can answer the following questions:

  • Does the theme have a good encoding?
  • Is it functional?
  • Does it favor SEO positioning?

Plugin. These are programs that allow greater customization of the WordPress website designing in Lahore and the configuration itself, in addition to adding plugins and functionalities. To install a plugin you must take into account:

  • If it improves the visibility of the site.
  • If you guarantee the safety and performance of the site.
  • If it favors the creation of ties with users.

There are currently more than 55,000 plugins. Among the most popular are: Google Analytics, Wp Fastest Cache, Anti Spam Plugin, Sumo and Contact Form 7.

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