How To Be An Instagram Food Influencer To Make Money

Instagram is a photo sharing app and now transformed into a business platform. Instagram is a social media platform that allows its users to make money in diverse ways. Being a food influencer on Instagram is the best way to make money.  Lots of people use Instagram therefore if you create your food blog and maintain your blog effectively then you can make more money from Instagram within a short time. But you need to follow a few steps. If you are willing to know these steps, go through the article. 

How to Become an Instagram Food Influencer

For being an Instagram food influencer, you need to follow a few steps. Those steps are written here, so go through these steps to become a successful food blogger on Instagram. 


To be an Instagram food influencer, firstly you need to pick to find your niche. The reason for finding the niche is that the food industry is vast. When you have your niche, it will help you in focussing on just one segment. The content of the Instagram page will depend on your chosen niche. Your chosen niche depicts your area of interest. After selecting your niche, you further need to sub-divide your niche. For example- 

  • Vegetarian or vegan food
  • Food on a budget
  • All things baking
  • Healthy meals for families
  • Gluten, carb, or sugar-free dishes
  • Pre-workout snacks

When the selection of a niche is done, you can start your content research and create your food blog. 


After choosing the niche for your blog, it’s time to choose a unique and catchy name for your food blog. You should pick the name of interest of your targeted audience.  The food blog name must be descriptive and attractive so that it can attract potential readers instantly. The name should include the words like food, recipes, and cooking. These words will help your audience to let know that your blog is all about food. 


           Here are a few tips to find out a blog name:

  • To find out a good name mix and match to find name ideas
  • Choose a theme for your Instagram food blog.
  • Get inspiration from cookbooks.
  • Have a look at your competitions’ food blog names.
  • Utilize food puns and humor e.g. CrazyCuisine
  • Use your name in your food blog name.

After choosing the catchy name for your food blog, it’s time to create your Instagram food blog account. 


  • Firstly customize your Instagram profile

Customizing your profile on Instagram means branding your food blog business and making your food blog unique. Instagram offers its users the facility of customizing the pages easily. You just need to click on the “Edit Profile” button on your Instagram page account. To make your blog unique, you need to customize your Instagram account to make your food blog stand out. Few customizations are listed below that you can add your food blog profile to make it unique. 

  • Add a profile picture

Having a profile picture is a good idea to make your Instagram profile unique. It’s the easiest way to let your audience know about your blog. You can also use your name (both first and last name) on your Instagram profile. Your food blog name can also be used in the section of username. It helps in easy recognition of your blog.

  • Add a website URL

If you have your website URL, don’t forget the link in the bio section of the account. You can also add other information related to the content of your account. Using hashtags can help your viewers to reach your content.  


Now your blog is created and customized. So it’s time to start the actual work which is the creation of food-related content. In this step, you need to post the content which attracts the audience and increases awareness about your blog. But your content must be relevant to your niche. You need to maintain consistency while posting the content. It will help you in growing your followers. 

Few tips are here that will help you in posting your posts on Instagram

  • Firstly tap the “+” icon which is at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now you can choose the pictures or videos of foods from your gallery. 
  • Now crop or edit the picture or video as per your requirement. 
  • Pick a filter if you want to beautify your picture. 
  • Now type a caption that will help your audience to understand your content. 
  • Now type a few hashtags to optimize your posts on Instagram. You can use such hashtags as #dinner, #yummy, #delicious, #foodie, #food, and others. 
  • It’s time to tag people on Instagram. Being a food blogger, you can tag the chef who made the dish. 
  • You can also add your location. 


To be a successful food influencer on Instagram, you need to be consistent. To get viewers on your food blog, you need to post premium content to keep your visitors interested. You must create a publishing schedule. You should also make constant interactions with your viewers that will help you in knowing what they want. 


After creating a publishing schedule for posting content, you need to promote your blog content on Instagram. Promoting your food blog is the most important work which you have to do to make money as a food influencer on Instagram. Promotion is a continuous process that can’t be stopped. For promoting your food blog, you can make use of social media accounts. For this, you need to post the link to your food blog on your account page. You can also tell your friends about your food blog. This will help you in driving the traffic on your blog.  

These are a few steps that you can follow in creating, customizing, publishing, and promoting your food blog. Once you follow these above-mentioned steps, you will make more money as a food blogger in India

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