Effective Style of Writing A Review in Literature in University

The literature review includes a summary of the major sources. To a social scientist, the literature review shows the pattern of an organization. It adds the synthesis and summary under particular categories of concepts. 

The summary involves vital information related to the origin. On the other hand, synthesis involves the re-organization of those data in a particular way. There is information on the way of planning for conducting an investigation on the problem of research. 

The goal of literature review 

The target of writing a review in literature involves the following: 

  • The writer should put the work in the right context for following the problem of research.
  • It is important to narrate the relationship for every work within consideration.
  • The writer can point out innovative ways to check the research done before.
  • There are gaps present in the literature.
  • The writer can find the solution to conflicts that are conflicting in the studies of the past.
  • It is important to find out areas for the scholarship before stopping wasting of time and energy. 
  • The writer can find out a technique for finishing the requirement of extra research.
  • The writer can take part in research for the present literature 

Structure of The Review in Literature

This consists of the following features: 

  • There is an exploration of the topic along with theory. It is important to understand those objectives of review in literature.
  • The works are divided into different categories. The research papers support specific positions. It might be against and they are presenting a new approach.
  • There is an explanation for every work and this has variation from other.
  • The Conclusions must be included within the argument. The opinions should be able to convince the reader. It is the top contribution for developing the topic of that research paper.

Four stages in Review Writing

The writer talks about the four stages present in a review. They are as follows:

  1. Formulation of problem: It is important to understand the topic. The writer needs to investigate the issues properly. 
  2. Search for literature: The writer has to look for materials associated with the topic.
  3. Assessment of data: It is important to find out the literature offering the contribution related to the topic.
  4. Interpretation and Analysis: We need to explore the observation along with conclusions of the related literary work. You can get proper guidance by asking Assignment Help Malaysia.

The Sequence of Events

When the review obeys a method of chronology, the individual can share those materials as per the time of their publication. It is an approach obeyed when there is a distinct path in research. This has been built on past research. 

It is important to point out those trends. The order of chronology is clear for their development. For instance, the literature review concentrates on carrying out research related to the growth of the economic power in Germany subsequent to the fall of the Soviet Union.


There is an arrangement of sources on the basis of the order of publication. The order shows the vital trend. For example, the student can place an order on the literature review. 

It is meant for environmental studies on the brownfields. There is a revelation of progression. For instance, we observe a change in the collection of soil and the researchers wrote and carried out the studies.

 Thematic Reviews

In literature, there are thematic reviews and they planned for an issue. It can be compared with the time progression. The progress along with time has been a vital factor in our thematic review. 

For instance, the review of the influence of the Internet over the politics of the American president concentrates on the online development of satire in politics. The study concentrates on a particular topic. There is an influence of the Internet over the politics in America for their presidential election. 

They are going to be planned as per the time showing the advancement in technology in the media. The original thematic reviews show the break from the chronological order. The review has been planned in the way. 

There is a shift between the time periods under every part. The student can request English Homework Help

Methodological Review

The methodological approach concentrates on methods used by the researcher. For a project on the American president, the methodological approach explores the differences in culture. This has been found between the presidents of America for the websites of French, British and American origin. 


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