Custom Fabrication Options for Electrical Enclosures, Boxes,

Manufacturing custom plastic enclosures, electrical enclosures, boxes, and circuit boards
without tools or molds can save you thousands of dollars in tooling costs and weeks to months
in time. Moreover, it offers design flexibility throughout the life of the product. There are
different design options to choose from in custom enclosure fabrication. You can make
removable covers, gaskets, din rail housing, mounting flanges, PCB mounting, and more. You
can also do a lot of integrations in a custom plastic enclosure compared to generic off-the-shelf
enclosures.Toolless Plastic Solutions employs experienced designers and mechanical engineers who develop new or modify existing plastic enclosure designs.

Custom Enclosure Fabrication

Custom fabrication of enclosures implies making modifications like additional cutouts, tapped
holes, holes, etc. This may require since standard enclosures may not have the perfect holes or
cutouts. If you have a large production run and you can’t make modifications, it becomes a
problem. It also becomes prohibitively costly. This is why Custom Enclosure Fabrication is often
more efficient and cost-effective in comparison to modifying standard enclosures. A custom
fabricator can build enclosures with additional features.

Enclosures That You Can Make

You can make several enclosures in a customized process. You can get the following:
 Plastic electronic enclosures
 ABS enclosures
 Plastic enclosures with gasket
 LCD enclosures
 Single PCB plastic enclosures
 Raspberry Pi
 Plastic speaker enclosure
 Wall mount plastic enclosure
 Panels, covers, and shrouds
 Brackets and shields
 Translucent and transparent parts
 Polycarbonate parts
 Bins and trays
 Garbage and storage bins and trays
 PCB transport trays
 Pet trays/
 Basic storage bins
 Trash can inserts
 Stock room bins
 Product flow bins
 Machine purge bins

 Receiving bins

And more

Tool-less Fabrication

Custom fabrication is about tool-less working. It revolves around solution designing. Several
factors in electronics engineering determine this aspect. Tool-less working can give rise to
intricate and unique designs to solve specific problems. The concept of modularity is at the
center of such a fabrication process. There are no tools and no molds. It creates an optimal
balance between design and aesthetic value. Each component that goes into making these
enclosures, amplify the modularity of the end-product. This way one can redesign or re-
engineer a design plan.

Custom Enclosure Fabrication
Benefits of Tool-less Design

The custom design offers the following benefits.
 Ready to assemble pieces of hardware.
 Fast prototyping and manufacturing.
 Fast Turn-Around Time.
 Easy integration of modifications.
 No molds, no tooling results in low setup cost
 You can get all types of finishes.
 Digital printing is an additional service that makes custom plastic enclosure fabrication
an even better option.


If you are looking to fabricate a custom electrical enclosure, box, or circuit board, you may do
well with a tool-less design. This offers a lot of benefits over traditional fabrication. You can get
prototypes designed fast, make modifications quickly and go for bulk production sooner than
later. You just need to make sure that you are hiring the services of an experienced entity in
custom design.

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