7 Practical Ways to Promote Your Content for Beginners

Great content can even be more valuable when coupled with the right promotional strategy. We understand you don’t want content that has been assembled neatly to end up in vain just because you have implemented the wrong promotional strategy. 

Content promotion plays a vital role in not only making your content more widely known, but even bridging your brand with a significant increase in conversions.

That’s why content marketers always go out of their way to promote content because they believe:

The best content doesn’t win, but the best-promoted content wins.

Whether you are a beginner or a mid-level who has been in this field for a long time, you can apply these tips to make your content promotion strategy become more effective:

#1. Promote Your Content On the Various Social Media Platforms

Social media is the most reliable platform when it comes to content promotion. Nowadays, people have multiple social media accounts on various platforms that expose them to a variety of information.

Seeing that opportunity, you can leverage it by uploading the content to various social media platforms, starting from Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. 

You can also create videos based on the use. Like event videos, product demo videos, etc. Don’t forget to make the content on each platform adjusted based on the social media platform uniqueness that still leads the content to one goal = a predetermined big theme of the content.

In this way, people can be more often exposed to your content on several different social media with varied approaches and make them aware of your brand.

#2. Use Email Newsletter

More than 3.9 million people in the world use email on a daily basis. Seeing these fantastic numbers, email newsletters can be one clever way to promote your content. Through email, people can easily access it and read the content information that you provide in it. 

Don’t forget to play the elements in writing a unique and concise newsletter by paying attention to three important elements in an email newsletter:

  • Goal
  • Conversation
  • Content

If you are still a beginner, one of the tools that can help make your email newsletter look attractive in text and writing is Mailchimp. Mailchimp provides a fairly complete set of features to be accessed for free; ranging from free email templates to creative assistants for designing needs.

#3. Approach Influencer That Matches Your Content

Using influencers can be one way to reach a wider audience. Influencers have a special power to get their loyal followers interested in the content they share. You can try to analyze which influencer figures are in line with your branding values or persona. 

Be picky while choosing the right influencers! Sorting and selecting wisely when contacting influencers can be the first step for successful content promotion. You can use tools like BuzzStream which provides you with a complete list of potential influencers with their interests and contact data.

#4. Activate Referral Program Strategy

Studies from Nielsen show that 84% of people can be attracted and trust to join a program from people they know. You can take advantage of this opportunity by promoting your content through a referral program strategy.

Start by contacting a network that has a strong influence so they can invite their friends or acquaintances to follow your social media or subscribe to your newsletter. In return, you can give the benefit of using referral programs by giving special discounts on certain products or programs.

Take advantage of this opportunity by continuously improving the quality of your content so that your followers or customers can refer your products to other people voluntarily because they see the favorable benefits from the content.

#5. Be Engage Through Community Engagement

Communities can be a great way to promote your content to several people at once. You can start either by trying to join a community that fits your target market or creates one yourself with the aim of gathering your followers or audiences in a more integrated way.

You can take advantage of applications such as Telegram, Discord, or Whatsapp which are the most popular platforms for creating a community group.

Take note that you have to make sure the relationships and interactions within the community group are alive and active through some interactive communication in it.

#6. Experiment with Paid Advertising

Go the extra mile by leveraging the use of paid advertising. Paid advertising can really help you to spread the content you create to a specific target market in an efficient manner.

Some paid advertising on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram uses a click-per-cost system that shows the number of fees you need to spend when installing paid ads according to the number of people clicking on content posts.

Paid advertising is suitable for those of you who want to focus on increasing the amount of traffic and building brand awareness in the long term. Make sure you make the right decision whilst experimenting with paid advertising to not make such a giant loss.

#7. Scheduling Your Content Promotion

Time plays an important role in determining the engagement brought by consumers. Different platforms or social media usually have different effective times. You have to learn when the right time of killer content plays on social media generates the killer engagement you want to get. 

The best time to post on social media overall is 10:00 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

  • The best time to post on Facebook is 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The best time to post on Instagram is 11:00 AM on Wednesdays.
  • The best time to post on Twitter is 8:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • The best time to post on LinkedIn is 9:00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Some of the useful tools for scheduling include HootSuite and SocialSprout. They provide a content calendar and scheduling customization that can be automated as needed.

You can choose any of the tips listed above and adjust them to the needs of your desired target market. Remember, don’t just rely on the 7 methods above, there are still dozens of tips that you can try to get the maximum result of your content promotion.

Keep digging and find out which tips are the most suitable and effective after going through some trial and error. Never believe your guts, believe in trial, error, and the result.

If any of you have the experience using the other effective tips to maximize content promotion, don’t be afraid to comment below! And if you found this article helpful, it would be nice if you share it on your social media platform, so the world can hear.

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